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Stackable Storage Bins

The most practical and space-saving, short and long term storage solution for business and home use.

Stackable storage bins are one of those rare items that almost everybody needs, from individuals for home use to businesses owners with sophisticated storage needs and everyone in between. We can use them everywhere, from our kitchens to the production floor of an automobile plant and everywhere in between! And most importantly, they can be stacked securely one on top of another to save space while fulfilling a whole range of needs from storage to display to organization. The stackable storage bin is both attractive and a versatile storage solution which can either be used individually or stacked to save space and provide an enormous amount of storage space.

Kids Room Storage
In the home, kids stackable storage bins can store and organize dolls, games, toys and sports equipment while teaching kids how to be organized and clutter free. For example, we could use one bin for storing baseball mitts and balls, another for swimming gear like snorkels and fins and so on. Stackable bins make it easy to clear up the floor while also avoiding the inevitable nicks and scratches that regular wooden furniture would endure.

Storage Bin Furniture
A big incentive, specially for younger folks, is that stackable containers can do the work of many heavy, fixed pieces of furniture like filing cabinets and dressers and they can be moved around easily if needed unlike the furniture. Not only is this cheaper but it may actually make a room look and feel a lot more stylish. Storage cubes are very fashionable in many homes. In the kitchen, we can reclaim some counter space by collecting a lot of the small items like sweetener packets. In a golfer's den, we could use one small bin for golf balls and another for tees and other golf paraphernalia.

Garage Storage Systems
The garage is a major candidate for storage bin use for organizing the 'stuff' that ends up there, most of all the tools and items that we commonly use and for recyclables. A major use would be the use of stackable storage bins with lids for recycling paper, batteries and plastic.

Other Home Storage
Of course, we don't need to use bins alone—in the kitchen, home office and basement, stackable storage drawers and stackable storage cabinets can handle bed linen, files, paperwork...the list goes on.

Industrial Storage
In the workspace, these bins are essential equipment for storage and organization of things like fasteners (nuts, bolts, nails etc.) and they are ubiquitous in both small and large businesses. Although they are made with many different materials depending on need and use—wood, metal, paper and plastic mainly—the most common is plastic for several reasons. Stackable plastic storage bins are cheap to make, tough enough to handle metal parts and light enough to be stackable up to several high even when they are very large. They can be stacked on the floor, a table, hung from above or even fixed to the wall. They are non-toxic and the rainbow of colors that they come in are useful for more than just looks—in a fast-paced shop floor or assembly line, color coding for different parts is critical and a major safety and time-saving consideration for inventory control and productivity. Unlike wood or metal bins, clear stackable storage bins make for instant parts identification. Also, any accidental liquid spills or debris can be cleaned easily. In warehouses, large stackable storage bins can hold a variety of raw material in a compact space.

Two big American manufacturers of stacking storage bins are Rubbermaid and Akro-Mils.

These are just a small sample of uses that stackable storage bins have. Since they come in all sizes, from the very small to the very large, further uses are limited only by our imaginations.

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